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Friday, November 6, 2009

Wind ~ a poetic commercial break

I wasn't planning on posting anything today, but the wind had other plans for me.  Today's crisp air and colors, crunchy leaves scattering and trees bowing to the wind have been a wonder.  I found this poem I wrote several years ago and thought, if ever, today would be the day to share it.

The music of the wind and trees
echoes softly around the world.
For those who listen, life is full,
for all else it seems unfurled.

There's a constant presence connecting it all
that reminds us we're not alone.
It wakes us in the dead of night
when vulnerability makes us prone.

In the bright light of sun or the mists of rain,
it continues its ancient call.
It lives within; it lives without,
and with no effort affects us all.


  1. Love the poem - so true. Yesterday for me it was the birds flitting back and forth from tree to tree...something magical and active. Surrounding us with or without our observation of their lively activity.

  2. What a beautiful image. I'll take that with me today as a little reminder. Thanx!