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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Yay Play!

I recently had the pure parental pleasure of watching my kids participate in the positive politics of the playground.  (I just love alliteration.)  The sun, having warmed the cold winter ground and dried out the early spring wetness, provided a perfect picture for play.
While we enjoy the rainy invitation to say indoors, when the sun calls us outside to play how can we refuse? 
Our journey took us to a local farm for ice cream (the playground was closed for an Easter egg hunt) and then to another playground.  It was enchanting to witness the best in children.  Kids reaching out to one another to play tag and hide and seek, including anyone with a desire to join in.
Watching the freedoms exercised and experimented on the monkey bars, in the sandbox and among the various slides and nooks was truly eye and heart opening.  Kids just playing.
The energy was palpable as a physical sensation, as well as a frame for thought and feeling.  Total feeling.  
My mat unrolls, creating an instant context for the experience about to unfold, one that inevitably leaves me feeling fully.  It is this freedom to explore my physical limitations (a line which changes daily) and the joy of discovery that keeps me coming back to the mat.  
A Yoga class can be like a bunch of kids playing.  
The playground may not always be peaceful and a Yoga class can take on numerous characteristics.  The good news is, no matter the circumstances or location, we can tap into that sense of play.  
Yay Play!