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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Rocking Chair Yoga

I am fine, but need to take several weeks to heal from a recent procedure, which will prevent me from productively practicing Yoga on the mat.  But I refuse to stop practicing.  I see and feel the benefits of Yoga in every step and with every breath.  One of my teachers reminded me that as long as I can breathe, I can do Yoga.  

While my body is working its way back, my spirit remains active and curious.

While I don’t consider flicking the television remote control an actual asana, sometimes it can be the conduit to a yogic experience.  In one of my hazy moments, I landed on a program called, “Yoga for Life” ~ hosted by Kurt Johnsen (veria tv channel 162 on Verizon FIOS).  It’s not a spectator show, but more like an active Vinyasa class.  Sitting in my rocking chair, unable to fall into any expression of the asanas, I found myself breathing to the rhythm of the instruction and imagining myself on the mat.  In some moments, I felt minor shifts in my body as it tried to articulate the familiar poses.  (I will look for this program again once I’m more mobile.)

Instead of focusing on what I couldn’t do, I began to tune into what was available no matter how limiting.  Within my own limitations, I found a surprisingly expansive space.  Spreading my toes and really feeling the floor, its textures and support, brought a new awareness to my foundation.  Finding Tadasana, even while my posture is necessarily hunched over, temporarily, redefined my idea of how to lengthen and root down.  A few neck rotations released energy I didn’t know was trapped.  Rolling my shoulder blades back and down, aligning my head and honoring my neck, brought an unexpected smile to my face.  

I’m getting stronger every day and must be vigilantly aware of my limitations without getting stuck in them.  Baby steps eventually graduate to leaps & bounds.

When we first started dating, my husband used to greet each morning by saying, “Happy new day.”  Each day opens up to the potential of being surprised and growing beyond expectation.

So to all of you who are reading this, Happy New Day!

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