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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Life Closed Due to Illness~Will Re-Open When Well

Our routines were interrupted abruptly when fever & coughing crashed into our home.

Kids and husband all home sick, each requiring attention and extra TLC. The kids were without their distractions of school and extracurricular activities, my husband was rendered immobile and, as the last one standing, I canceled my Yoga classes, trip to NYC, dinner with friends and various other plans I had for the week, to tend to my family.

These are the days when lessons from the mat make their way, without question, into life. I was forced to find the inner flexibility to bend into each moment as it arose. This was not so easy. And, it was not so difficult. One of my teachers reminds us to find effort & ease in each pose. I guess that’s what I was harnessing during the times when frustration surfaced (moving ever closer to my parental edge).

So I had to cancel some of the fun things that balance my days and nourish my spirit. The immediate disappointment didn’t compare to the gratitude I felt that all would be okay. There were some scary moments, some of which turned into comical ones and others that just settled into memory.

As the light at the end of this tunnel grows larger, I wonder what next week will bring. I have scheduled my classes, hoping to resume the daily practice, but know full well that anything can happen.

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